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How to configurate Calling Card Pal

"Click the 'Settings' button on tab bar at the bottom, then the Settings page shows up. After pressing 'Configurations' on Settings page, page on which user would enter phone number shows up. After inputting the right phone number, system would automatically determine the mobile phone location."

For supplement instructions of manual and automatic configuration, please check the following paragraph.
Steps for manual configuration
1#2: Verify Prefix Page

'Verify Prefix' page appears after clicking 'Continue'. The initial value appears in the 'Verify international Prefix' input field automatically, which is based on the country code of the phone number inputted by user. For example, the initial value of the United States is '011', which is '00' in mainland and '002' in Taiwan. As shown in page specification, users usually use the initial value.

There is another ticking option of 'Keep international prefix when dialing', which is used to determine whether the 'international prefix' should be added before the international call number to form the right 'calling string'. 'International prefix' will be added in the 'calling string' if user selects this option.

2#3: Access Number Page

Access number is the headmost component of calling string.

In accordance with the instructions on purchased calling card, user input the access number for manual configuration. Incorrect input or invalid number shall cause the failure of international calling. According to users' demand, user can input '+' on the input keyboard page in version 3.0.1 for Iphone.

3#4: Separator Page

There are three mutually-exclusive options on the Separator page, of which user can select one or input information respectively. The option selected by user when pressing 'Continue' button is the verified value. The other two options will not be used.

If one of the following situations occurs, the '#4 separator' page as shown in Figure 4-1 user entering would be default page.
① 'PIN-less dialing' as shown in figure 4-1 is default option on the first set;
② User select 'PIN-less dialing' in the last configuration;
③ User chooses 'Advanced Setup' and input ',,' in the input box in the last configuration.

Only under the circumstance of user selects 'With PIN' in the last configuration (including automatic configuration), page as shown in Figure 4-2 would be default page of #4: separator. User input pin code according to the calling card information.

If user select 'Advanced setup' for the last configuration, and the input value is not ',,', the page shown in figure 4-3 would be default page of #4: separator. User can input any appropriate string to satisfy the needs of the Separator when above two options can't meet the setting of the Separator.

4#5: Ending Digits Page

The general input value is '#' on the last page of manual configuration as shown in Figure 5. Whatever, the user can input any value if needed.